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The final step in the immigration process is to become a naturalized United States citizen. There are many benefits and protections that result from obtaining citizenship that people often overlook. The rights that you will obtain include the right to vote, the right to travel with a U.S. passport for an unlimited period of time, and to be eligible for federal grants and scholarships. Additionally, you will have more protection from being deported than those who are in lawful permanent resident status. Too many people are hesitant to apply for citizenship because they are intimidated by the application process, cannot afford the filing fees, have past criminal convictions, or they are not confident that they can pass the test. All these issues are understandable, but you cannot afford to let them prevent you from obtaining equal opportunity and superior rights for you and your family. Schedule your free consultation now to get an evaluation of your eligibility for citizenship, and determine if you qualify for the filing fee waiver.


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